Why Pro Care Services?

"Professional and friendly services, always on time with a big smile and get the job done all the time"

-Rad Fateh

"I called Jace to come and clean my daughters ducts/vents. Her husband will be returning home within a month from a Stem Cell Transplant and they need everything cleaned. Jace found a clog in their dryer vent and a hole in the tubing. He was very Thorough. I would recommend his company!"

-Gerri Clarke Treat

"Moving into my apartment the carpets were okay but after these guys came in and cleaned them they looked WAY better!! Very efficient and friendly!! 10/10 would recommend!"

-Ariyona Loera

"Jace is awesome!! Very professional and does a great job. You really can tell he cares about his customers!!! I would highly recommend Pro Care!!!"

-Luke Ticknor

"They did an awesome job on my carpets! Had a terrible roommate who's cat destroyed the apartment we were renting at the time. They cleaned the carpets so well we got the whole deposit back!"

-Alura Long

"When we moved into our place the carpets were stained so badly from renovation I thought we were going to have to completely replace them. Pro Care came in and cleaned our carpets and stains that I thought would never lift. 6 months later the carpet still looks immaculate. Jace does phenomenal work and is highly recommended."

-Simone LOng Medina